Account type

Company details

Personal information

If you do not have a Belgian company number or national registry number, enter a foreign company number or national number.


Specify an address other than the invoicing address

Bank account

What kind of account to create?

Do you intend to introduce an insolvency file (a request for a bankruptcy or a judicial reorganisation) after having created your account? If so, you have to create your account as a natural (Belgian or foreign) person, by using your (foreign) national number. An account created with a company number is not entitled to introduce insolvency files. Introducing debt claims in ongoing files however, can be done both by an account based on a national number, as well as by an account based on a company number.

If you are a creditor who frequently submits debt claims and/or work with several persons who prepare, submit and follow up debt claims, it is best for you to conclude a contract as Multiple User Account.

A contract as Multiple User Account gives you the opportunity to create different groups within your account in which the users can be easily managed. In addition, you will receive a monthly invoice for filing your debt claims.

Contact the Helpdesk at 02 588 98 90 for more information about a contract as Mutiple User Account.